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Reyad Khan
Jul 17, 2022
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How Companies Are Using AI in Digital Marketing AI in digital marketing empowers companies by automating many marketing tasks and improving processes. It helps marketers save time on tasks that would be difficult or even impossible to do manually within a reasonable time frame. According to research in 2022, the global artificial intelligence market is estimated to generate $433 billion in sales. The global AI marketing future is expected to Real Estate Photo Editing snowball in the coming years, with revenues exceeding half a trillion dollars by 2023. What Is AI in Digital Marketing? Artificial intelligence allows marketers to create a combination of intelligence elements with human hands. Using AI in digital marketing facilitates and improves the processes, in parallel to the main motive of ai driven technological advances. Offering more than automation or other simple digital tools, artificial intelligence imitates the human mind to make decisions and function. As a result, it helps marketing teams create effective marketing plans and workflows. AI in digital marketing needs data to carry out its responsibilities for the companies within the framework of models created by algorithms. The raw material of artificial intelligence algorithms and models is data. That’s why data collection OR data protection is a hot topic in today’s business world. The amount of data produced in the digital marketing world is enormous. It’s a meta to sell and buy, own, and protect. The solution to the challenge of the management and analysis of this big data lies in AI technologies so that companies can benefit from it to improve their marketing performance. Samples of AI use cases More and more organizations have integrated artificial intelligence to connect with their target audience. Just as major world brands such as Netflix uses AI technology to make new recommendations based on their users’ previous activity, Coca-Cola uses artificial intelligence to generate logos, texts, and narratives in ads automatically. Search engines like Google, where we consult almost everything now, use artificial intelligence to determine the most relevant result for a search. How Is AI Used in Digital Marketing? Developing artificial intelligence help businesses and brands in digital marketing create various alternatives in the ways and methods of communicating with their target audience. In digital marketing, it is possible to conduct target audience-oriented marketing by collecting important data about customers, consumers, potential customers, and target audience with artificial intelligence technologies.
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