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Aug 06, 2022
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Learning interactions. Create interactive catalogs, timelines, FAQs, and more with ease. eBooks. Convert your PPT, Word, and PDF files into easy-to-read eBooks with a page flipping effect in a snap. Longread courses. iSpring Suite comes with an online space where you can collaborate on the content with your stakeholders and create courses together with other authors online. For example, while you’re working on the text, your colleague can add images or create a quiz. 2. Power-user The vendor presents Power-user as a productivity add-in for PowerPoint, Word, and Excel users. It empowers them with a set of Cork Bicycle shop tools that help streamline their work with presentations and reference documents and design good-looking branded deliverables. power-user The add-in provides access to thousands of visual assets: 400 templates, 3,000 vector icons, and 100,000 pictures. The user can also choose from among different types of charts, 200 maps that can be edited like PPT shapes, and smart diagrams. With Power-user, you can structure your presentation with an agenda. The tool creates and updates a table of content pages for you automatically. You just need to select what your agenda will look like from existing presets. Another great feature this add-in comes with is Clean Menu. It’s designed to clean your slides from inconsistencies and errors before sharing the presentations with other people. The inconsistencies that the tool will detect and fix for you include the mix of multiple fonts, missing slide numbers, confidential information on slide notes, double words and/or blanks, and empty placeholders.